Maths Tutor: 3 Ways They Can Help with Your Exams

Firstly, can we agree that any form of help is great? The problem is halved and as the saying goes, two heads are better than one. Even beyond the years of your primary school career, you may find that you need a maths tutor to help you with your current schoolwork. University or A-level students often think that they need to figure their coursework out on their own, limiting themselves to university resources. Sometimes, this is not enough, leading to heightened stress, especially during exam preparation. Let us look at 3 ways a maths tutor can help with your exams.

1. They can tutor using an approach that suits you

Tertiary education means no more handholding. This is quite different from the constant support and accessibility you received from your school teachers, however, this does not mean you should struggle. We believe in using individualised approaches to your studies and a maths tutor can guide you through what will work for you.

2. A maths tutor will have access to additional learning material

Maths tutors are experienced in the subject and some are passionate about it. As people who bridge the gap between lecturers and the student, they know where to find material that will help you refine your understanding of maths. In some instances, when you practise with past exam papers and use study guides, the same maths equation may appear in your exam.

3. Your maths tutor can plan sessions ahead of time

Students, especially in their first year, tend to structure their study timetable to fit just enough preparation without planning for contingencies. What happens when a subject or section takes much longer to understand? Your sessions are well-planned in terms of how they will work and what you will focus on when you have the help of your maths tutor.

Once your tutor has helped you, the rest is up to you. Tips for maths exam preparation include:

  • Taking sufficient and well-timed study breaks
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Drinking plenty of water and eat a balanced diet
  • Revising with past papers

Excellent maths tutors teach problem-solving methods that you will use long after the sessions are over. One of our students has gained confidence through her improved university marks. Spark Academy offers A-level tutoring for maths and science, from which many of our students find great value. If you are ready to improve your grades, here is what we have on offer.

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