Our Results

If your child commits 100% to the programme, expect a jump of two grades.

School Methods

Using methods and techniques that are used and implemented within schools means that there will be no confusion and disparities when our students are at school, allowing each pupil to flourish in their school environment.

Our Small Class Sizes

All our classes are kept small to ensure that maximum attention is delivered for you or your child. Our maximum class size is 12.

We Follow The National Curriculum

Following the national curriculum means that your child will not be confused over the content and will be covering what they will require for their exams.

Exam Practice

Students come to us from various exam boards; so we include the content in all syllabuses to best prepare our students as a whole. We focus on achieving exam success, and set students past papers on a regular basis; so they are comfortable with the style and content of the examinations they will be sitting.

Weekly Homework

Your child will have access to weekly assessments on our learning platform that are in line with exam questions.

Progress Updates & Constructive Feedback
We provide instant feedback in lessons. Every week, upon completion of their weekly online assessments, your child will receive an online report detailing their strengths and areas for improvement. The tutors also keep a close eye on these reports so that they can tailor the lessons to get the best out of your child's learning needs. As a parent, you will also be able to check in on your child's progress with your own login credentials.
Structured Lessons

The style of lesson encourages an environment where it is okay to ask questions. We teach a lot of content, but do allow time for students to attempt pieces of work independently. We challenge our students and always have extension work at the ready!

Support Material

With resource packs to accompany every lesson, we provide comprehensive notes that complement school learning and for revision. We provide plenty of worked examples that would be explained thoroughly by the class teacher. Furthermore, we always go through past exam questions and how best to tackle them.

Established & Award-Winning Services

Spark Academy has won and is recognised both nationally and locally for our continual dedication and efforts in Education.

Dedicated Full-Time Tutors

All our fully trained, full-time tutors have subject specialist degrees in the subject they teach and have experience in being in a school environment. We thoroughly mark and provide exceptional feedback and take this process very seriously in delivering the best service to our students.

Mentoring & Well-Being

Our mentoring scheme complements our classes and provides students with pastoral support. We believe that academia is not the only way to develop an individual and this holistic way of helping our students is very well received.

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