Shed limiting beliefs and discover support your child to realise their own uniqueness and potential

Your child has gone through a tough time recently and have had to adapt to huge amounts of change. They have been denied the opportunity to socially develop which severely impacts their cognitive development, their emotional intelligence and well-being.

Your child is also experiencing many gaps in their learning and feel that they need to learn things quickly and feel worried if they will remember all of it.

The pandemic has highlighted a multi-dimensional complex problem that needs external intervention.

This is why Spark Academy is made up of a team of tutors, behavioral psychologists, mindset coaches and metacognition experts so that we can:

•Build your child’s confidence and help them to understand themselves

•Support your child to develop better study skills and learning habits to cope with learning gaps

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Our Transformative Life Skill Classes will prepare your child for the world of tomorrow.

Our lessons are specifically designed to help your child obtain mastery in the following areas:

We use evidence-based lessons to support your children in the following areas:
  • Stress resilience
  • Self-awareness
  • Emotion regulation
  • Maintaining healthy relationships

We use the most current strategies to help your child learn faster so that they can:

  • Write memory enhancing notes
  • Strategies for time-management
  • How to use psychology to help learn to stimulate learning
  • Enhance their intrinsic motivation

These lessons come part of the 50-week programme which is specially designed to significantly reduce learning loss and increase confidence.

Boost your child’s grade with ourJump2Grades Methodology.


Our methods, Tutors and online platform have consistently delivered exceptional results for our students – boosting their confidence and increasing their grades by at least 2 in 6 months.

How Do Our Students Achieve This?

Prepare & Organise

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Your child will get pre-lesson sneak peaks, video tutorials, worksheet downloads in advance of the live lesson so that they get the most efficient and focussed learning time.

Learn Fast

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During the lesson, we will re-teach your child theory to help build the topic into their long-term memory. Your child will learn quick ways of learning without sacrificing their knowledge and be able to confidently apply it to exam questions by practicing model answers.

Peformance Analysis

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We provide verbal and written feedback to Parents and Students weekly and work to implement effective study habits, resulting in well-rounded Students who achieve more.

70% of parents work with Spark Academy for an average of 3 years

Helped over 5,000 students get more confident and improve their grades

Our student’s on average makes two grades progress

Spark Academy has won 14+ awards to date

Lessons start from £11

Affordable Monthly Memberships

Explore the Spark Academy Programme For Yourself

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Step 1. Book A Meeting:

Schedule an appointment with a member of our friendly team to allow us to establish your child’s needs and learn how our program can help.

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Step 2.Try It For A Month:

Immerse yourself in the Spark Academy experience during your trial membership month with no strings attached.

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Step 3. Become An Official Sparky:

Once you’ve decided to stay on the Spark journey, watch as the magic unfolds! Your child will begin their journey of self-improvement, increase their confidence and as a result, their grades.