We make learning fun and engaging through our expertly created academic programme. With our small, focused group
lessons and team of qualified teachers, we boost confidence and cultivate a ‘can-do’ attitude so that our pupils
become empowered, robust learners that are prepared for our ever-evolving world.


The Spark Success Formula

Using a combination of taught-study, self-study and feedback, this winning formula results in an overall improved academic performance while at the same time building your child’s confidence, resilience and preparing them for the real world.

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Mindset Training

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Improved academic performance

our programme

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Your Programme Essentials

What your paid membership covers

Taught Study

Experience dynamic lessons, taught by experienced and qualified teachers.

We keep learning fun and engaging whilst providing a nurturing environment where it is okay to make mistakes and ask as many questions.

  • Experience dynamic lessons in Maths, English & Science up to 3 hours per week.
  • Lessons are carefully planned and delivered by qualified & experienced teachers.
  • Provision of bespoke and current educational resources.
  • Interactive lessons.
  • Weekly homework provided and marked by teachers that work full-time at Spark Academy.


Learn how to learn with our self-study methodology, materials and resources.

Our methodology for self-study allows your child to become better proactive & reflective learners.

  • Minimise the risk of holiday learning loss.
  • Weekly homework provided and marked by full-time teachers during term-time.
  • Additional study pack provision over holiday periods which include:
  • Booklets filled with reading material and educational notes.
  • Exam Questions & Mark schemes
  • Additional tasks and activities


Become more accountable, proactive and reflective with your learning and improve.

You will worry less about your child and be kept in the know, always.

  • Unlike other tuition providers, the teacher will mark your child’s homework.
  • Parents receive emailed feedback regarding their child’s progress every week during term-time.
  • Pupils are encouraged to act on their feedback and make corrections in order to understand how to improve.

Your Member Perks

Services at no extra cost provided by Spark Academy to help your child surpass their own expectations.

V2A Growth clubs

Let us help your child get on track to achieve their vision.

  • The Vision 2 Action (V2A) Growth Clubs are specifically designed to help you child:
    • Develop a strong personal vision
    • Develop a resilient mindset
    • Develop self-awareness
    • Learn practical tools and tips
    • Learn & apply the principles of success

Non-members are also welcome to V2A Growth club for a fee of £30.00 per event. Spark Academy members can enjoy this FREE.

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Our teachers care about your child’s progress, even during the summer holidays.

  • Your child’s teacher makes themselves available during the summer holidays on designated check-in dates to run through any potential concerns your child has with their self-study programme.

Spark Vids V2A Growth clubs

Video tutorials accompanying traditional taught-lessons to further enhance the learning experience.

  • Your child has access to various video tutorials to help them with their learning at home or even at school.
  • This is an ideal resource for studying for exams, tests and even completing homework.

We have various membership plans and
packages to suit you and your child’s needs.


Our Subjects and Lessons

At Spark Academy, we are passionate about delivering outstanding, structured lessons that are
proactively planned for the individual needs of your child. To achieve this goal, we:

Only hire full-time teachers who plan their lessons, deliver the curriculum and provide weekly progress reports
so parents are kept informed.

All classes are split according to year group which means that we are able to focus on the specific needs of each year group according to the curriculum.

Each student will be part of a timetabled class and will come in either once, twice or three times a week, depending on the number of lessons enrolled for.

“I have attended Spark and as a result, I have achieved a grade
A in my GCSE Maths showing how effective it was!”

Nishal Dave, Studying Economics, University of Surrey


Available for Primary, Secondary & A-level


Available for Primary & Secondary

“I believe that the team at Spark Academy has played a key role in making a difference to improving pupil’s performance in key
subject areas such as English, Maths and Science. They have played a key role in tutoring my daughter throughout the last
academic year and have helped to raise her level of achievement considerably. I would definitely recommend the tutors at Spark Academy because they engage the children very well in a
classroom environment and also helps to make the lessons
entertaining at the same time. My son has also recently
started here and is doing well.”

Mrs Nathwani (Parent)


Maths and English is classified as one class and comes together as a package.
One hour will be dedicated to Maths and the second hour to English.

“After struggling with A-Level Chemistry for many months I started my sessions at Spark. I was taught the most complicated of
concepts in easy to understand ways and the practice exam
questions I was provided with were invaluable in helping me to consolidate and apply this knowledge. I am eternally grateful to Mital for her help, patience and kindness when I was struggling during this time. I am certain I wouldn’t have achieved the
grades I needed to get into medical school without her.”

Alisha Ruperalia, Medical Student, Imperial College London


Secondary & A-level


  • Our lessons are one hour long with a big emphasis on understanding theory, practical knowledge and its application to exam questions.
  • We provide A-level Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Physics.

Mindset training

Available for Primary, Secondary & A-level

“Spark Academy has inspired my daughter to do her very best
towards achieving her goal in life. Spark Academy has offered a brilliant mentor service to guide her through her educational
journey. We had a meeting in which we discussed her career
choices; this has then been documented and used as a guide.
We have a clear action plan with achievable goals to reach.”

Mrs Kim Seal

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