At Spark Academy we are proud to provide quality and affordable tuition in the subjects of Science, Maths and English for Primary, Secondary and A-level.

Spark Academy are experts in helping pupils build their confidence and developing their exam skills.

Our incredibly passionate tutors teach through most of the curriculum and go through plenty of worked examples, provide our bespoke resources and regularly mark and provide feedback on homework.

Homework & Assessments

We set weekly homework for each subject and are usually in the form of practice or real past exam questions.

Unlike other tuition places, we don’t expect parents to sit down and go through homework with their children. In fact, we expect all our pupils to do the homework independently and only require the parent to check that the homework has been completed.  This allows the teachers to understand any gaps in the students’ knowledge and proactively plan whether they need to consolidate learning or provide more challenging questions for their next lesson.

Ofsted like pupils to gain access to immediate feedback in order to improve. We use a range of assessment tools such as peer, self, verbal and written feedback and alternate each week between self-assessment and teacher – written assessment for homework. All teacher- based feedback will be visible on the cover sheet of every Spark Academy booklet.

Reports & Meetings

As well as weekly feedback from the teachers, we write termly reports so you know how your child is progressing at Spark Academy. All reports will be emailed out to the parents before the end of each term.

Furthermore, if you would like to speak to specific teachers regarding the progress of your child, we would be more than happy to book in some time to go through this with you. Call our office and our Centre Administrator will arrange this for you!

Learning Activities

Spark Academy caters for many different types of learning styles. We pride ourselves in being different and plan exciting, fun and memorable activities that will create a lasting impression in your child’s learning.Examples of some of the activities we use are:

  • Treasure Hunts
  • Presenting Ideas
  • Re-enactment
  • Scientific Experiments
  • Building & Modelling
  • Card Sorts
  • Team & Individual Quizzes

We use many more activities, feel free to ask us during your consultation.

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