At Spark, we firmly believe that every child has the capability to reach their potential if the right opportunity is provided. We provide after school tuition for learners aged 7 to 18, covering primary, secondary and A-level.

Maths (Year 3 – 13)

The key to success in Mathematics is fluency and speed in the basic skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Our emphasis on these areas in Key Stage 2 develops confident students with a good base knowledge, who can progress to secondary school and tackle more challenging topics. Spark Academy focuses on building up content with an increasing level of difficulty, whilst grounding the work and making it more achievable for students with an abundance of worked examples and exam-based exercises. Our belief is that with Maths, practice makes perfect and our focus on examples and exam training will make them confident in tackling challenging topics in their curriculum examinations.

“I have attended Spark and as a result, I have achieved a grade A in my GCSE Maths showing how effective it was!”
Nishal Dave, Studying Economics, University of Surrey

English (Year 3-11)

Our consideration of both English Language and English Literature makes our students fluent readers, adept writers and critical thinkers. With exposure to various texts, we encourage our students to read beneath the words on the page and analyse how and why the text has been written. In building our students vocabulary and writing styles, we are preparing them for the challenges of essay based exams in SATS and GCSE’s, ensuring that they are pushing their understanding of texts for top marks. Our English sessions not only prepare them well for English exams but provide transferrable skills that help them to achieve high marks in essay based qualifications, such as History and Geography.

“I believe that the team at Spark Academy has played a key role in making a difference to improving pupil’s performance in key subject areas such as English, Maths and Science. They have played a key role in tutoring my daughter throughout the last academic year and have helped to raise her level of achievement considerably. I would definitely recommend the tutors at Spark Academy because they engage the children very well in a classroom environment and also helps to make the lessons entertaining at the same time. My son has also recently started here and is doing well.”
Mrs Nathwani (Parent)

Science (Year 5 – 13)

With a strong emphasis on Numeracy and Literacy at primary school, we use these skills in our Science lessons for KS3, GCSE and A-level to expand on topics covered to develop strong scientific minds. Maintaininga balance of Chemistry, Biology and Physics, we expose students to the science behind our natural world. Our focus on exam practice sets the bar for achieving high marks and moulds students into high performers. This sets students up so they can pursue careers in medicine, ophthalmology, veterinary & dentistry, some of the most sought after professions in the UK and an example of what many of our students have been successful in studying after A-Level.

“After struggling with A-Level Chemistry for many months I started my sessions at Spark. I was taught the most complicated of concepts in easy to understand ways and the practice exam questions I was provided with were invaluable in helping me to consolidate and apply this knowledge. I am eternally grateful to Mital for her help, patience and kindness when I was struggling during this time. I am certain I wouldn’t have achieved the grades I needed to get into medical school without her.”
Alisha Ruperalia, Medical Student, Imperial College London

Mentoring (Year 3-13)

Here at Spark we endeavour to provide support inside and outside of classroom time. Our free and unique mentoring service allows students to come in and speak to the tutors, in order to help them to resolve issues, make action plans for the future and help them in further detail ahead of their important examinations. In particular, we provide a lot of support for students in creating well-constructed personal statements so they have the best chance in gaining places on competitive courses at university. Additionally, we help to develop the student’s interview skills and provide voluntary work placements with Spark so students can get a head start on their CV’s. Spark is our students’ hub – a place to come to work, to revise and for advice.

 “Spark Academy has inspired my daughter to do her very best towards achieving her goal in life. Spark Academy has offered a brilliant mentor service to guide her through her educational journey. We had a meeting in which we discussed her career choices; this has then been documented and used as a guide. We have a clear action plan with achievable goals to reach.”
Mrs Kim Seal