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We understand…

Parents worry about having the time and resource needed to ensure their children aren’t falling behind.

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We appreciate…

Time is your most important commodity and costs factors are a huge obstruction.

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We’re here…

Our team of qualified Tutors are here to guide your children every step of the way through their online learning journey.

If you’re a Parent you can
start your trial for 2 weeks
to see the benefit of our
online platform.

If you’re a Teacher you can
book a time that fits
around your schedule to
get a one-to-one guide
through the system.

Choose the plan that best
suits your children’s goals.

You’ll have instant access to
the full online platform to start
exploring and learning,
including downloadable
worksheets, bitesized video
tutorials and activities.

Worry less. See improvements
in real time and get one to one
feedback with online tutors so
you can be assured your child
is happy and progressing.

Our Jump2Grades Methodology

and organised

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Get pre-lesson sneak peeks,
video tutorials and worksheet
downloads in advance of your
lesson to get the most efficient
and focussed learning time.


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Our Learn FAST strategy is
proven to advance Students
without sacrificing the
understanding of subjects

Analyse, evaluate performance and rectify

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We provide verbal and written
feedback to Teachers and
Students weekly and work to
implement effective study
habits, resulting in well-rounded
Students who achieve more.

Blended Learning

85% of Parents work with SPARK Academy for an average of 3 years.


We offer the reassurance that you’re doing right
by your children and that you shouldn’t have to
feel guilty about not having the extra time to
do it all by yourselves.


Education should help children develop a range
of skills like critical thinking, problem solving and
communication. Our platform allows you to focus
your time on the most crucial parts of your
teaching curriculum.

We guarantee
your children will
love the online
learning platform.

Using SPARK as a
partner will give you
the support you
need as a teacher