Who is Spark’s first Student of the Month?

Now we are all well a truly settled in to the Autumn term, we have decided to celebrate our first Student of the Month.

Why pick a Student of the Month?


book character - Spark Academy

All of our students work hard every week. As teachers, we are using Class Dojo to keep track of the fantastic work our students are doing in lessons. However, sometimes it’s nice to celebrate one student who has consistently performed and worked well in our lessons.


How did you choose?


It wasn’t easy! All of our teachers choose a student that they felt deserved to win Student of the Month and then we had to make a decision. Each teacher had a very good reason for the student they nominated, which made it hard to choose just one.

So… who is Student of the Month?


October’s Student of the Month is Neha Patni. Neha is a Year 9 student at the Belgrave site.

Neha was nominated by her English tutor, Rebecca, because of her unfailing positivity. She is always willing to put her mind to whatever task and whatever topic she is learning that week. Neha’s positive attitude is infectious and she is always able to lighten the mood of others in the class.

IMG 20170927 WA0004 - Spark Academy
Neha (left) giving a speech with the rest of her group.

Neha’s English class has been studying Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing for the past few weeks. It is a complicated and sometimes challenging play, but Neha has put 100% effort into understanding it each week. Neha is willing to participate and discuss in every lesson. This makes her a fantastic addition to every English lesson!

Furthermore, in recent lessons Neha has always been the first to volunteer to read and roleplay. In plays with tricky plots, roleplay is a brilliant way to help the whole class understand. Neha’s passion and enthusiasm has helped everyone around her to understand Much Ado.

Next month we’ll take another vote, but for now…

Fantastic work Neha! Keep it up.