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Schools love Spark because we use the same techniques and methods of teaching the curriculum. This is why we have also recently formed a partnership with Manor High School in Oadby and Abbey Primary School in Belgrave.

This is what some of the head teachers have to say:

Tim Foster - Spark Academy “The 10-week block of Spark academy tuition for our Year 6 pupils have a fantastic impact. The pupils were highly motivated and enjoyed a different style of teaching and learning. The tutors were very professional and liaised closely with our teachers in relation to what was going to be taught. The progress of our pupils was rapid and it definitely helped their confidence during SATs week. We will definitely entering into this partnership each year to help maximise the progress and outcomes for our pupils in KS2 SATs.”

Tim Foster – Headteacher, Abbey Primary School

Parent & Pupil Reviews

Have a read of our Parent & Pupil testimonials of the services they receive at Spark Academy:

I found Spark Academy very useful and enjoyed coming to every lesson!

Anisha PatelStudent

Although I was only taught for several months I believe Spark helped me to accomplish a goal I believed was almost impossible. Their engaging way of teaching a class and their genuine concern and care for their students makes them by far the best professionals in the industry. Attending the sessions at Spark Academy helped me to achieve my A grade in Chemistry to then go on and be able to study medicine at university.

Alisha RuparaliaStudent

I believe that the team at Spark Academy has played a key role in making a difference to improving pupil’s performance in key subject areas such as English, Maths and Science. They have played a key role in tutoring my daughter throughout the last academic year and have helped to raise her level of achievement considerably. I would definitely recommend the tutors at Spark Academy because they engage the children very well in a classroom environment and also helps to make the lessons entertaining at the same time. My son has also recently started here and is doing well.

Mrs NathwaniParent

Spark Academy has inspired my daughter to do her very best towards achieving her goal in life. Spark Academy has offered a brilliant mentor service to guide her through her educational journey. We had a meeting in which we discussed her career choices, this has then been documented and used as a guide. We have a clear action plan with achievable goals to reach. Thank you to Spark Academy and we look forward to meeting with you again with our achievements.

Mrs SealParent

One of the best tuition places in Leicester / Leicestershire. Coming to Spark has not only helped me understand the content, exam skills and techniques that we need to learn for the exams but the teachers at Spark have helped me build the confidence to help me with exams and college life in general. Mital has been a phenomenal teacher and a great inspiration. My parents and I are glad that I chose Spark Academy.


We said we will trial it for a year when Rihanna was in Year 8 and I’ve seen a big difference. When I go to her parents evening at school, even they’ve seen a big difference in Rihanna’s science.

Mrs Darshana RupareliaOadby

Jovan is not a number on the sheet at Spark Academy, he is an individual. Spark Academy does stand aside from other centres and places that offer private 1:1 tuition

Mrs Gurpal NarwalOadby

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