Our specialist afterschool classes are uniquely designed to complement school learning. Spark Academy follows the National Curriculum and we continue to maintain high standards of teaching and learning through our positive environment.

Support: As well as being immersed in our engaging lessons, our full-time teachers are here to provide students support on both topics covered in Spark sessions,and areas they are finding difficult at school. We help our students develop confidence in their learning, and in preparation for furthering their school careers.
Positivity & Progress: Having a positive environment where it’s okay to be wrong is essential for the learning process. We praise involvement and create a space where students feel they can ask questions and develop their natural curiosity. We track progress every week and provide structured homework and assessments to help students continue to hone their understanding and skills.
Ambition: We inspire our students to achieve and set small manageable weekly targets which contribute to overall improvement both at Spark and at school.
Realise Potential: Spark nurtures students to be the best they can be and develop a ‘can-do’ attitude to inspire them in all aspects of their life and future.
Key Transferable Skills: Spark provides the tools and platform from which students can make connections between subjects, thoughts and ideas.