Do you do any free assessments?

We don’t believe that you and your child should waste time doing a test. Just imagine, in the hour or two hour period, your child could have experienced and learned something new and walk out the door feeling positive! That’s why at Spark we offer free trials and not assessments. This way, your child will get to experience what a normal lesson is like, get to know the teachers as well as see first-hand why so many people come to Spark Academy.

How do you know if my child has made progress?

When you start your trial with us, we will ask you for your child’s school reports. After, we monitor your child’s weekly progress by marking and providing feedback on weekly homework.   Furthermore we also do topic tests to gage whether or not our students have fully understood the topic and can fully apply the concepts to exam questions.

How do you cater for mixed abilities?

We cater for varying abilities really well. We have extension questions at the ready for high ability and we stretch and challenge them. For learners that require more development, we go through more worked examples and guide them through the key processes more. All our resource packs contain all the worked examples, notes and associated questions as well as the homework.

What if my child does not complete the homework?

We do not expect parents to help their children with their homework.  However, before submission of homework, it is essential for parents to check that the homework has been completed and sign the cover sheet of the booklet. If for any reason your child has not been able to complete this, please write a note for the teacher. This way the teacher, student and parent understands exactly the reason why homework has not been completed.

If my child struggles on something at school, will Spark Academy be able to help?

Of course! We are more than happy to help our students through questions they find difficult at school. They are able to ask us this within our lessons.

Are all the tutors qualified?

All our tutors work for Spark Academy full time and have a degree or masters in the subject that they teach. They have undergone an intensive training programme delivered by Mital Thanki, a former teacher of Science and A-Level Chemistry at an upper school in Leicestershire. Therefore, we maintain high standards of teaching and learning. Many of our team members are former school teachers. qualified

How many students are there in a class?

The maximum capacity for a class is 11, however, it is usually less averaging around 9 or 10. A-Level classes tend to be larger with a maximum capacity of 12.

Do you provide 1:1 tuition?

We mostly only provide group tuition, but if availability arises, we can arrange our tutors to provide this service upon availability.

How can I switch to Spark Academy from my current tuition provider?

Please make sure you check the paperwork of your current provider to know when you can cancel. In the mean time we can provide you a free trial so you get an idea of what Spark Academy is about.

How do you know that my child will be suited to group tuition?

During the free trial, the teachers get a good sense of whether group tuition is right for your child. In most cases, a group environment is a great way to interact and learn from each other and most kids get on well. We understand that every child is different and in the case it does not work, we would happily advise on an alternative. At the end of the day, we want happy students that are to progress at Spark Academy.

If I want to speak to a teacher about my child’s progress, how can this be arranged?

We would be more than happy to speak to you about this. Please call our friendly Spark Academy representative in order to set up a meeting about your child’s progress.

What happens if my child misses a lesson?

We understand that life happens! Please call in to let us know that you child is to be absent. Usually, we would also call home to make sure everything is ok. We do not give a refund for a missed lesson, but we do try to arrange a ‘catch up’ lesson. It is the student and parents responsibility to arrange a catch up and can pick up their missed work from the basket and attend the lesson time. If they cannot attend the catch up, we will definitely provide the work and also mark their homework once submitted. This ensures either way that they do not miss out.

What happens if a tutor is sick and unable to teach a lesson?

This hardly happens but in the event that it does, we will ensure that another full-time teacher at the academy is available to teach the lesson. However, if this is not possible, we will reschedule the class to a convenient time. If you are unable to make that lesson, we will fully refund you for the price of that lesson.