If you’re like many others and would like to see how Spark Academy can help you or your child then request a FREE consultation and a FREE Trial today.

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We don’t believe in an initial assessment and would prefer to work with your child’s progress reports from school teachers.We believe that students and their parents benefit more from attending a lesson and seeing the type of work we would provide and set. This gives you a better understanding of how we can truly help your child.

Registering your interest at Spark Academy cannot be simpler! Follow these easy four steps in order to get started.

1. Request Attend Your Free Consultation

Call or book on our online form for a free consultation so we can discuss and understand the needs of your child.If you’ve filled out a booking form, a member of our dedicated team will contact you via telephone to confirm your appointment. During the consultation, we will go through specific concerns that you may have about the progress of your child. Bring with you the most recent school reports so we can make the tutors aware of their abilities, strengths and development points.

2. Attend Your Free Trial

Attend the free trial and experience what it is like to be in a dynamic and exciting learning environment.Complete the associated paperwork before the trial to ensure maximum health and safety, as well as being able to attend your trial as soon as possible.

3. Feedback

A member of our friendly team will contact you after a few days to get some feedback and suggest strategies moving forward. If we feel that our programme is not suited to the needs of your child, we will be honest with you and suggest alternatives.

4. Welcome To Spark Academy

If you’re like the others and would like to join us, we will agree on a start date and we will let the journey commence!