A powerful
online learning

Our platform delivers an exceptional experience
for children. Our team of Tutors will guide them
every step of the way so you don’t have to feel
responsible for teaching your children on top of
everything else


Our methods, Tutors and online platform have
consistently delivered exceptional results for our
students – boosting their confidence and
increasing their grades by at least 2 in 6 months.

Parents can start a trial for
2 weeks to see the benefit
of our platform.

Choose the plan that best
suits your children’s goals.

You’ll have instant access to
the full online platform to start
exploring and learning,
including downloadable
worksheets, bitesized video
tutorials and activities.

Worry less. See improvements
in real time and get one to one
feedback with online tutors so
you can be assured your child
is happy and progressing.

Join the club and be assured your children aren’t falling behind

We offer the reassurance that you’re doing right by your children and that you shouldn’t
have to feel guilty about not having the extra time to do it all by yourselves.

We guarantee
your children will
love the online
learning platform.

See your
child flourish

We’ve worked with 3,420
parents just like you, who
wanted to see their children
improve their confidence and
their grades.

Give them confidence
and ability

85% of our parents have worked
with SPARK for over 3 years with
100% of students saying that
SPARK has boosted their learning
and confidence.


Our organised, fun and
tailored learning has helped
over 80% of our students


Every child can succeed if they have the right guide, process and support.

*All our membership packages are available on both the Flexible and Loyalty plan payment options