Our Team

mital - Spark Academy

Mital (Founder, CEO, Teacher and Pizza Lover)

As the passionate creator of Spark Academy, Mital spends her every waking moment at Spark HQ to ensure we are offering the best quality education for our students. With a self-proclaimed grunt when she laughs, she is sure to entertain her classes whilst providing them with her expert knowledge in Science. Having studied Pharmacology at the University of Leicester, and then obtaining her PGCE at the University of Nottingham, she has a detailed understanding of all parts of the curriculum and has had many years of spreading her wealth of knowledge on students.

spark academy team

Reggy (Arrabiata Pasta Fan)

Our smiley and bubbly Reggy is your first point of call and is responsible for coordinating free consultations and free trials. As well as making sure you’re happy with all things Spark, Reggy answers all your queries! If you want progress updates from teachers or want to get in touch, Reggy will certainly look after you.

nicola - Spark Academy

Nicola (Head of Science, Lasagne Lover)

Nicola is super passionate about all things Maths and Physics. Having obtained a degree in Physics with Astrophysics from the University of Leicester and completing her PGCE, Nicola worked as a full-time teacher in a Leicestershire school for numerous years. As a head of year in her previous school, Nicola is keen to increase the depth of students’ wider knowledge around the curriculum to enhance the learning experience and make Science and Maths relevant to the world we live in.

gemma - Spark Academy

Gemma (Head Teacher, Vinegary Chips Fan)

As the enthusiastic and dedicated Head Teacher of Spark Academy, Gemma’s teaching career has spanned over ten years. She is in charge of all the Teaching & Learning activities at Spark Academy and is your go-to person if you are worried about your child’s progress or would like to have an update. As an avid biologist, Gemma is keen on sharing her passion and endures to support young people to achieve their potential, whatever their ability and excel their confidence.

katehrine - Spark Academy

Katherine (Head of Maths, Lasagne Lover)

Previously Katherine taught Maths in schools such as Martin High and Kibworth. Incredibly passionate, Katherine is most driven by seeing her students reach their potential and gain great results through improving their confidence. With her passion for making Maths fun, exciting and also accessible for all types of learners, Katherine engages her class through the range of activities set through Spark Academy’s very own bespoke resources.

Celia - Spark Academy

Celia (Primary Maths & English Teacher, Loves Fajita’s)

Celia is an experienced primary school teacher who is passionate about seeing her pupils surpass their own expectations. Not only does she care about the academic journey of her students, but she is also an avid believer in developing their overall well-being.

spark academy team

Amalia (English Teacher, Loves Rice & Peas)

Amalia has extensive knowledge of the English curriculum and has been working in schools for over 15 years. She is passionate about bringing life to literature with drama as well as forming a deeper understanding of texts through open discussion and critical analysis.

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