What We Believe In

We believe that every child has the capability of reaching their potential with the right level of guidance, excitement, coaching and mentoring. We are proud to incorporate the latest scientific research into our methodology and believe that learning is multidimensional and a multi-sensory experience.

We also believe that academic improvement can only be seen when a child is happy and experiences joy from within.

This is why our process of teaching and learning at Spark Academy includes metacognition, well-being and mindset as well as traditional and blended learning methodologies.

We believe in evolution and blue sky thinking and want to best prepare our students to become the best version of themselves and unlock their true potential through expansive thinking.

Our Mission

We make learning fun and engaging through our expertly created academic programme. With out small, focused group lessons and team of qualified teachers, we boost confidence and cultivate a ‘can-do’ attitude so that our pupils become empowered, robust learners that are prepared for our ever evolving world.


High standards, quality, in yourself,

• We feel pride in ourselves and each
other for the work we do

• We have high standards for the quality
of our work

•We give praise and validation when our
students have done something to be
proud of


Honesty, equality, non-hierarchical, self-
worth and others’ worth, appreciation

• We respect each other and ourselves

• Our team is non hierarchical

• We communicate openly and honestly

• Individuals and their ideas, opinions and
beliefs are appreciated equally


Fun, play, energy, drive

• We have zest!

• We bring elements of fun and play into our

• We aim to feel energised and driven



Support, care, growth within and together

• We nurture our personal growth and
the growth of our students

• We support and care for one another



Shared goal, commitment, impact,
individual goals, with thought and action

• We are purposeful with our thoughts and

• We aim to have a positive impact on others

• We are committed to both our shared and
individual goals


Achievement, personal and team, celebrate

• We celebrate our success!

• We value personal and team achievements


“I’m creating a legacy that inspires future generations to become the best version of themselves and support them to discover, accomplish and surpass their own perceived potential.

In doing so, I continue to have fun, go on plenty of adventures, learn and evolve into the best version of me”

Mital Thanki, Founder & Chief Sparky
(MBA, CMgr, PGCE, BSc)

Mital is a visionary leader, innovator, learner and educator. She founded the multi-award-winning Spark Academy back in 2009 whilst she was teaching as a qualified teacher in schools.

As a passionate educator with a strong social conscience, Mital’s firm ethos is about making quality education affordable; so that it provides pathways for social mobility and brighter opportunities in your child’s future.

Mital’s own academic journey came with a fair few challenges, which meant that she went through many struggles and coping mechanisms to keep up to speed with her learning. Diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of 21, Mital came to understand why she processed information differently. This is why she is an advocate of non-conformist learning techniques that will help any child realise their infinite potential.

Mital shares her methodology to learning in her book “Study Like This, Not Like That”, which she has refined over fifteen years, and which earned her the MBA student of the Year in 2021 – an award out of 20,000 students world-wide. Mital not only has a unique teacher’s perspective, but that of a learner too!

Mital is actively looking at ways to improve the learning experience for Spark’s students and she is a big believer in research and development of the programme to suit not only children’s current needs, but also to reduce the future skills gap – ensuring that all children under Spark’s care are future ready with the skills and strategies to lead brighter and joyous lives.

Mital’s experience includes:
• Founder, CEO of Spark Academy
• Qualified teacher of science
• Recipient of global MBA Student of the Year award in 2021
• 15+ Entrepreneurial Awards since 2014
• Advisory Board Member for University of Leicester School of Business
• Author of “Study like This, Not Like That”
• Podcast Host on The Career Crowd
• Speaker