All classes are split according to year group which means that we are able to focus in to the specific needs of each year group according to the curriculum.

Each student will be part of a timetabled class and will come in either once, twice or three times a week (depending on the number of lessons enrolled for).

Maths & English: Available for Primary & Secondary

Maths and English is classified as one class and comes together as a package. This ensures that we can help concentrate on the two very equally important subjects.

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Science Classes: Available for Secondary Upwards

In our science lessons, we teach topics for biology, physics and chemistry. Our lessons are typically one hour long with a big emphasis on understanding content and applying it to exam questions.

For students in year 7 and 8, we have designed a brand new course that prepares them for the practical world of Science. CSI or the “Creative Science Investigations” is a brand new scheme to help engage children in Science with a heavy emphasis on developing core practical skills and applying it to the theory. This will be available from August 2017.

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A-levels: Biology, Chemistry, Maths & Physics

Our incredibly successful A-level classes are 80 minutes long. With a strong emphasis on exam training, we are known for our formidable a-level results. Our successful A-level program meant that our results in 2016 averaged a grade A.