We understand that choosing a provider for your child’s education is not a decision that you as parents take lightly. And we know it’s because you want the very best academic experience and future for your child.

Our guarantees are our promise to you that we will:

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Lower the risk of your child
falling behind

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Prepare your child
for the real world

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Provide an environment that
encourages critical thinking

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Provide comprehensive,
on-going support

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Teach your child

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Keep parents in the loop with
weekly progress reports

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Provide a safe learning

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Improve your child’s academic performance

Your child will lower the risk of falling behind:

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Our award-winning system of teaching and learning is expertly created by qualified teachers who know and understand the curriculum and changes within education.

The new standards in education have become more difficult, which means that a large proportion of pupils struggle and lose their confidence. Our taught-study programme simplifies difficult topics and our teachers are there to support, nurture and motivate your child.

Your child will be prepared for the real world:

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Our teachers promote resilience and drive a ‘can-do’ attitude towards their learning. This reduces apathy and the chances of ‘giving up’ and maintains your child’s motivation.

Working in groups and small teams are part and parcel of preparing your child for the working world. This helps your child to become an effective communicator and a confident individual, ready to face any challenge. Furthermore, it helps to develop their core leadership skills, something that is difficult to attain from traditional one-to-one tutoring, sitting in front of a
computer or by filling in mundane, repetitive worksheets.

Your child will be immersed in an environment that
encourages critical thinking:

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Our teachers create an atmosphere where it’s perfectly okay to ask questions, no matter how big or small.

This is brilliant for your child’s development, especially for developing higher order skills such as critical thinking. This is a very important skill to master, particularly if your child wants to achieve the best grades in their final exams. It’s a skill that takes time to develop and that’s why we start our students young!

Your child will always be supported during and after
the lessons ends:

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Our teachers really care about your child’s learning even after the lesson finishes. We provide support even after the lesson ends with online videos, revision books, task sheets and exam questions.

Our philosophy is to create a 360° learning experience for your child so that we help develop your child academically as well as holistically.

Our online videos resource called Spark Vids are accessible for your child all year round and many pupils really find it a valuable tool to help them with their learning at Spark Academy as well as help them for school homework and exam revision. We also provide free talks and seminars to help them develop a better learning mind-set, ready to face any challenges.

We provide this for every child at Spark Academy, so that they have the essential tools to become a better learner – a skill they carry for life.

Your child will become more accountable:

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The teachers at Spark Academy share their passion for their subjects and drive a strong work ethic. This means that your child will soon become more goal-orientated and dedicated to achieve the success they envision.

The weekly emailed progress reports clearly state whether or not a piece of homework has been completed. If a pupil has not done the homework, it shows on the report, which means that parents are well-informed. We drive a high accountability
culture at Spark, which means that we encourage and motivate our pupils to be responsible for handing in homework and done to a high standard consistently. Adhering to deadlines and producing work to such standards is a skill they require to be successful in their future careers.

We also deliver free seminars so that our pupils have access to coaching and mind-set training.

You will worry less about your child’s progress and be in the know, always:

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We understand that life gets really busy and a lot of parents do not have the time to sit down with their children to go through any pressing academic needs.

We take this stress away from parents by setting homework each week. We do not expect parents to mark the homework and instead our teachers will conveniently analyse and mark it so that they can create a personalised feedback report each week for the parent and child.

Our weekly progress reports are tailored towards keeping your child on track and keeping you in the loop… at all times.

This is great for parents that are on the go and the emailed feedback keeps you updated on how well your child has done and areas for improvement.

The weekly feedback is valuable tool for our pupils who use it as part of their continual learning development and helps with improving their academic performance when they take action on the advice provided. Furthermore, it helps your child become a more ‘reflective learner’, again an important skill for life outside school and beyond.

You will know your child is in safe hands:

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Feel at ease knowing that all of our team are fully DBS checked and trained in Safeguarding. We are also voluntary Ofsted registered which means that we are committed to high standards.

Your child will increase their academic performance:

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Whether your child is high ability, low ability or somewhere in between – Spark has personalised solutions to improve your child’s academic performance. Our award-winning teaching and learning system has a proven track record of improvement.

When your child commits full-heartedly to every aspect of the Spark Academy Success Formula, expect a minimum improvement of two grades.

The results can be achieved faster and further enhanced if your child is 100% consistent in participation, engaged and willing in all aspects of the programme. This includes submitting homework on time, reading and acting on the feedback prepared by the teachers and by being fully engaged and immersed in their lessons.


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“The 10-week block of Spark academy tuition for our Year 6 pupils have a fantastic impact. The pupils were highly motivated and enjoyed a different style of teaching and learning. The tutors were very professional and liaised closely with our teachers in relation to what was going to be taught. The progress of our pupils was rapid and it definitely helped their confidence during SATs week. We will definitely entering into this partnership each year to help maximise the progress and outcomes for our pupils in KS2 SATs.”

Tim Foster – Headteacher, Abbey Primary School

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