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There’s nothing more valuable than an education, so with COVID-19 closing schools for the foreseeable future, how, as a parent, do you ensure your child doesn’t fall behind?

Using our expert knowledge and years of professional tutoring experience, we’ve developed a programme of live online science tuition designed to not only inspire your child, but ignite their passion for learning, and build the resilience needed to return to school confidently when the time should come. 

Our online science tutoring sessions have been developed by a team of education specialists for secondary, GCSE and A-level age students looking for additional support. While classes are taught as a group, the support your child receives will be tailored and adjusted to fit their exact educational needs. 

How it Works

Get in Touch

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Contact our highly qualified team to discuss the needs of your child. We will then find a suitable time and day to book you in for your free trial.

Attend your Free Trial

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Get a taste of what Spark Academy is like and take your free trial lesson with one of our experienced teachers.

Receive a Personalised Report

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You will receive your own personalised report from your Spark tutor each week.

Start Learning with Spark

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Start learning with weekly classes alongside your Spark teachers, as well as collaborating and learning with your peers.

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Online Science tuition from Spark Academy 

At Spark, we provide a quality science education that develops scientific knowledge and specific understanding through three core topics; biology, chemistry and physics.

Throughout your child’s life, they will develop the ability to apply their basic numeracy and literacy skills to deeper and more complex learning. Not only are our students exposed to the exciting science behind the natural world, but they are also immersed in a stimulating learning environment, designed to trigger inquisitive minds and ignite a passion for the sciences. Our live online science lessons are delivered by qualified biology, chemistry and physics tutors offering face-to-face online tutoring, regular teacher-marked homework, real-time Q&A sessions and weekly feedback for both you and your child. 

Developed by our expert science teachers, our online lessons are taught in line with the Standard British National Curriculum and include access to thousands of additional online learning resources including downloadable worksheets and prerecorded video tutorials.

Why Choose Spark Academy?

Expert Online Science Tutors

Expert Tutors - Spark Academy

All Spark biology, physics and chemistry tutors are experienced science teachers who work for Spark full time. Their passion for online tutoring combined with our innovative learning methods, allows us to deliver exciting and engaging online lessons to secondary, GCSE and A-level science students.

Exam Prep

Exam Prep - Spark Academy

Our focus on exam preparation will ensure your child is confident when it comes to exam season. Our experienced teachers provide a rigorous approach to revision, which sets the bar for achieving high marks and moulding your child into a high performer.

Affordable Prices

Affordable - Spark Academy

Depending on your membership, our online tutoring prices start from as little as £12 per subject, per week! 

Teacher-marked Homework

Teacher Marked - Spark Academy

Unlike many other online tutoring providers, at Spark, your child will receive weekly homework set and marked by qualified teachers. Our expert tutors will also provide detailed weekly feedback to both you and your child.