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COVID-19 is undoubtedly having an effect on children, and many parents are naturally concerned about their children’s education.

Using our expert knowledge and years experience, and in order to keep your child engaged and working to the national curriculum, Spark has developed a programme of live online English lessons. Developed by a team of qualified teachers, our online English tuition is designed to guide your child through this extended period of homeschooling, bolster their English and writing skills and provide them with the knowledge required to return to school confidently.

Our English online tuition is delivered in real-time by expert English tutors with experience teaching at levels suitable for primary (SATS) & secondary (GCSE) aged students in order to build on their English language skills and learn quality conversational English whether your child is learning as a native speaker or a second language (ESL).

How it Works

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Get in touch and let us know the specific learning needs of your child, we will then arrange a trial lesson.

Experience a Trial Lesson


Find out what Spark Academy has to offer with a trial lesson alongside one of our qualified teachers.

Get Weekly Progress Reports

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You will start to receive weekly progress reporting from the tutor, which will be emailed to yourself and your child.

Start Attending Weekly Classes

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Start your weekly online classes with experienced teachers while collaborating and learning with peers.

Quality Online English Tuition from Spark Academy

Our English classes focus on a combination of English language skills and English Literature. In order to ensure your child is a fluent and confident reader, a proficient writer and critical thinker, we encourage our students to look beyond the words on the page, to analyse the context and meaning of the written word and develop a deeper understanding of the English language.

Our online tutoring sessions cover reading, grammar, spelling and vocabulary development as well as writing styles, comprehension and more advanced topics such as essay writing and the spoken language for GCSE aged students.

As well as live online English lessons, our expert online English tutors hold regular Q&A sessions, set and mark homework after each lesson and provide detailed weekly feedback reports to both you and your child.

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Why Choose Spark Academy?

Expert Online Science Tutors

Quality Online Tutoring - Spark Academy

At Spark, our online tutors are all qualified English teachers who work for us on a full-time basis. Our team of expert educators have many years of experience delivering first-class English tuition to children of all age groups as professional teachers.

Innovative Learning

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At Spark, we’re experienced in teaching English through fun and engaging methods that help your child get the most out of their education. Your child’s tailored learning programme and lesson plan are accessed through our secure online courses portal and tutoring sessions are delivered live via Microsoft Teams by professional tutors.

Additional Learning Materials

Additional Material - Spark Academy

In addition to our weekly online English lessons, students of our online tutoring programmes have access to thousands of additional online learning materials including downloadable worksheets and Youtube tutorials that can be used alongside our lessons to teach English.

Regular Feedback & Support

Support - Spark Academy

As well as our live in-lesson feedback and real-time Q&A sessions, our online English teachers provide detailed weekly reports to parents, as well as regular written feedback to students.


“The 10-week block of Spark academy tuition for our Year 6 pupils have a fantastic impact. The pupils were highly motivated and enjoyed a different style of teaching and learning. The tutors were very professional and liaised closely with our teachers in relation to what was going to be taught. The progress of our pupils was rapid and it definitely helped their confidence during SATs week. We will definitely entering into this partnership each year to help maximise the progress and outcomes for our pupils in KS2 SATs.”

– Tim Foster – Headteacher, Abbey Primary School

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do You Offer Other Online Tuition Subjcts?

Spark! Academy also offers online primary school, GCSE maths and A-level maths tuition taught by experienced maths tutors, along with secondary level and a-level science tuition taught by experienced science tutors with real teaching experience.