Unlock the power of problem solving

You may have experienced your child getting ready to start working on a maths problem only to find that even though they read the directions, the problem and the ‘helpful hints’, they seem to experience a ‘maths block’. It often leads to feelings of frustration and panic as they need guidance on where to begin.

This is where the expert and supportive tutors at Spark Academy will support your child, every step of the way.

Watch how Arjun made 3 grades progress during his time here at SPARK

We understand that not everyone likes maths. Let us develop your child’s core and applied mathematical skills.

Core Maths Skills

  • Orders of operations
  • Numbers
  • Geometry
  • Shapes

Applied Maths Skills

  • Word problems and problem solving
  • Statistics
  • Critical thinking
  • Decision making
  • Mathematical reasoning
  • Deductive reasoning

Become a proficient problem solver with our Jump2Grades Methodology.


Our methods, Tutors and online platform have consistently delivered exceptional results for our students – boosting their confidence and increasing their grades by at least 2 in 6 months.

How Do Our Students Achieve This?

Prepare & Organise

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Your child will get pre-lesson sneak peaks, video tutorials, worksheet downloads in advance of the live lesson so that they get the most efficient and focussed learning time.

Learn Fast

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During the lesson, we will re-teach your child theory to help build the topic into their long-term memory. Your child will learn quick ways of learning without sacrificing their knowledge and be able to confidently apply it to exam questions by practicing model answers.

Peformance Analysis

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We provide verbal and written feedback to Parents and Students weekly and work to implement effective study habits, resulting in well-rounded Students who achieve more.

How will we specifically help your child in maths?

Key Stage 2 (Year 5 - 6):

It can be a worrying time for your child as they prepare for their SATs and 11+ examinations. There’s a lot to remember and mastery in numbers and operations contributes to being able to problem solve. Mix in the apprehension of starting a new school and adapting to big changes means you’re your child may need a guiding hand to build a positive foundation in preparation for secondary school.

Key Stage 3 (Year 7 – 8):

Your child is coping with new routine and deadlines! They are learning considerably more subjects compared to primary school and can feel overwhelmed. Some students experience anxiety being placed in ‘sets’ according to their ability which can begin to affect a child’s self-belief and their confidence. Not only does your child need support with organising their time and developing their study skills, but they also need extra guidance with algebra, geometry and problem solving in preparation for their GCSE’s.

GCSE (Year 9 - 11):

Your child may be struggling with their time management, study plans and meeting deadlines. We understand, because there’s so much to remember! Your child will often find it difficult to recall subject knowledge and applying this to exam questions. They will often resort to cramming in their revision (which is a big no no for us)! Your child is under a significant amount of stress and can experience anxiety in this highly pressurised environment. In addition, your child is also making some pretty big decisions about their life and need guidance and support their future opportunities.

A-level (Year 12 - 13):

The jump between GCSE and A-level is huge and although there are less subjects to learn, the depth and intensity of learning is large. Your child maybe getting used to an entirely new way of answering exam questions, managing their time efficiently as well independent learning. This coupled with a new environment and forming new social circles, means that your child needs guidance as they make the one of the biggest decisions in their life that underpins their future career prospects and earning potential.  


GCSE Results

A Level Results

70% of parents work with Spark Academy for an average of 3 years

Helped over 5,000 students get more confident and improve their grades

Our student’s on average makes two grades progress

Spark Academy has won 14+ awards to date

Lessons start from £11

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