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Primary Maths

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Secondary Maths


Every Wednesday at 10 am, award-winning science teacher and Chief Sparky, Mital Thanki will be going live from the Spark Academy Facebook Page to deliver FREE science lessons via Facebook live. 
Catch up with the latest ‘Learn Science with Mital’ Facebook live streams here!

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Lesson 3: IONS

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Lesson 4: Metallic and Covalent Bonding

Primary Maths

Join qualified maths tutor Celia for primary maths lessons for KS1 & KS2 students!
Covering topics from fractions and decimals to angles and coordinates.

Check out our online maths tutoring page for further information on our online maths tuition services!

Lesson 1: Angles

Lesson 2: Coordinates

Secondary Maths

Expert maths tutor Katherine guides us on a journey through complex maths topics for older students. From probability and quadratics,
to Fibonacci sequences and beyond. Spark’s got you covered!

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Lesson 1: Probability Tree Diagrams

Lesson 2: Completing The Square