Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Spark! Academy, we get a lot of questions, so we’ve looked to answer them all in one simple and easy to find place. If we haven’t answered your question, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team who will do everything they can to help you.

How Much is Online Tuition?

Online tuition at Spark! Academy ranges in price with two membership plans to choose from – The Flexible Plan or The Loyalty Plan. We also have a range of packages to choose from dependant on which subject you’re looking for tuition in.

Do You Have Online Worksheets Available?

Yes, we do provide online worksheets. While we aim to ensure your child’s learning experience is unique and not just a case of working from worksheets, we do provide additional worksheets that can be downloaded at home in order to revise.

How to Start Online Tuition?

If you’re interested in taking part in one of our online tuition classes, get in touch to arrange your first lesson for free as part of our trial.

Do You Offer a Free Trial?

We offer a free trial first lesson in which you and your child can gain an understanding of how our lessons work and the type of work we provide and set.

Do You Have Tuition for GCSE Students?

We have tuition available for GCSE students for Maths, English & Science.

Do You Have Tuition for A-Level Students?

We also have tuition available for A-level students looking to study both Maths & Science.

Which Topics Do You Offer Tuition For?

We offer private tuition for each of the following subjects;

  • Maths: Available for Primary, Secondary & A-Level Students
  • Science: Available for Secondary & A-Level Students
  • English: Available for Primary & Secondary

Do You Have Packages Available?

We have a range of membership plans and packages available for you to choose from. With a flexible plan that starts off as a 3-month contract and then continues on a monthly rolling contract. With our loyalty plan, you pay for the whole of our full 12-month programme and will be also saving money vs the flexible plan.

We also have different packages available depending on the subject(s) you wish for your child to study, with our Spark Lite package offering just science, Spark plus package offering English & Maths and our Spark pro package combining all three subjects.

Will My Child Receive Homework?

During your child’s time with us, their tutors will set them with homework to be completed at home by themselves. We don’t expect parents to help with homework however they must sign the cover sheet to show they’re aware their child has completed the homework.

Do Students Have a Timetabled Schedule?

We only hire full-time teachers who plan lessons, deliver the curriculum and provide weekly progress reports so parents are up to date and informed. Each of our tutors will provide a timetabled schedule of classes for each student.

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