Charity and giving back

Spark Academy is an organisation with a strong social and moral conscious. We care about people, embrace growth, and learning is in our DNA. We are incredibly passionate about our work and always believe in generously giving back to local and wider communities through charitable work. It is our mission to open schools in countries where child slavery and exploitation is rife and also provide a safe space for these children and their communities to gain access to unlimited opportunities through the power of education. We firmly believe that with your help and support, we will achieve this together.

We are already on our way however! In November 2016, we were able to donate stationary to a school in Kenya for the less abled. Furthermore, the children in Mexico, Riviera Maya loved their hand delivered Christmas presents. The smiles and excitement on the children’s faces was priceless! With your help and support, we can continue this good work together!

Words from our Founder and CEO there, Mital Thanki.


Our work at Spark Academy

Here at Spark every little bit really does help, whether it being buying locally to help support local businesses or making a simple donation to a charity as a way of getting rid of your loose change. Charity isn’t always about making big gestures. The smallest act of kindness can really make a huge difference to people’s lives. 

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Back in September we held a coffee morning for Macmillan Cancer Support. We set up a cake stall in the office and flung open the Spark Academy doors to encourage passers-by to pop in and have a cup of tea, a piece of cake and a chat. Just by selling cake, through the kind donations of Spark students, staff, friends and family we raised £88.93. Amazing, right?? 

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Doing your bit

“How can I help?” I hear you cry. Well don’t panic, you can help Spark get involved in Red Nose Day 2019. Comic Relief, the charity behind Red Nose Day, spends any money raised to help people living tough lives across the UK and Internationally.  


Since Red Nose Day 2017, we have helped nearly 15 million people across the UK, and some of the world’s poorest communities. 2.6 Million of them are children and vulnerable young adults.

At our core we are working to create a just world, free from poverty.

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Red Nose Day is Friday 15th March 2019. If everyone in the Spark family donated £1, we could raise £350. How spectacular would that be?  

If you would like to be involved and show your support then you can do so throughout the week. Wear something red to your lessons during the week 11th – 15th March 2019 and bring in your £1 donation, it’s that simple! 

Watch out for extra information on social media for how else you can get involved and donate with Spark Academy. 

If there is a charity or community group you are passionate about and would like Spark Academy to help raise money, fund equipment, or just simply spend time helping out, then let me know.  

Together we can all make a difference. 


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