What We Are About

Spark Academy is an award-winning organisation that is committed to creating a world full of better learners. We are looking for a few great people who share our passion and will want the freedom to take ownership of significant parts of our business.

What We Look For


Enjoy regular happy hours and group outings to celebrate victories (go-karting anyone?).

Work within the Golden Mile of Leicester and experience the culinary delights!

Experience working within a team that cares about over well-being and invests in personal development and training.

Innovation within

Why you will love working
at Spark Academy

We work together collaboratively and build open and honest

We work by balancing our
energies so that we have time for work, but more importantly time to spend with family, friends and our loved ones.

We are committed to high
standards of teaching and
learning and we earn the trust placed in us by insisting
on quality.

We are compassionate and
passionate educators or
facilitators to better learning but remember to keep fun
in the work day.

We improve lives by creating learners that strive for not only academic success, but also
optimum well-being and health.

We celebrate our wins together and treat every failure as a
learning opportunity.

We are always coming up with innovative solutions to help
inspire children to become better learners and grow into people that will serve society in
a positive manner.

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Job Description
TBA Watch this space for upcoming roles at Spark Academy Find out more