British Science Week

What is British Science week? 

British Science Week is run by the British Science Association. It is a 10 day celebration of science starting on 8th March – 17th MarchEvery year there is a theme, with the theme this year being ‘Journeys’. 


Journey into Space 

This year, on 20th July, we will mark 30 years since the first moon landings. This is probably still the most famous of all journeys in science.   Screenshot 171 - Spark Academy

The first man to take a step on the moon, Neil Armstrong, said it was ‘one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind’. This could not be more true! Not only is the journey to the moon in itself a huge feat, space travel has also left us with some items you may not be able to live without. Due to the extremely hostile environment of space, there are many problems when making the journey there and back safely. As a result, there are many inventions that have offered solutions to these problems. Some of them even find their way into our own lives. 

Real life examples of space technology 


Memory Foam: was first developed in 1966 and was initially used in seats to protect astronauts from the effects of G-Force. 

Screenshot 172 - Spark Academy


Baby formula: many commercially available baby formulas contain nutritional enrichment ingredients which were originally intended for long-duration space travel. 

Screenshot 173 - Spark Academy


Camera phones: Despite their ever-changing looks, 1/3 of all camera phones use the same technology that was developed in the 1990s. It was created to solve the problem of having a camera small enough to fit on spacecraft, with scientific quality.  Screenshot 174 - Spark Academy


Nike Air trainers: came into being thanks to suit construction technology developed by NASA. 

Screenshot 175 - Spark Academy

Next time you take a journey, think about the science behind that journey and how it may have just given us something that we now couldn’t live without.