Who is January’s Student of the Month?

It’s time again to celebrate our students for their hard work and perseverance over the course of the term. Our previous students of the month were Neha PatniShreya Kumari and Adnan Ahmad. This month our student of the month is an A-level student – our first this year!


Why has this student been nominated?

Our student of the month this month is… Bhupinder Walia!


Gemma, Bhupinder’s biology teacher, told us that


Bhupinder has been recognised in Biology for his sheer determination and desire to succeed. He has not let the difficulty of the subject defeat him and instead has come back this month fighting. Bhupinder has worked really hard and acted on feedback given to him and we have already seen an improvement in his progress. I think he is an inspiration. A big well done and keep going!

Bhupinder was also nominated by his chemistry teacher, Mital. Being nominated by both the headteacher and the founder of Spark really shows you just how fantastic his work this month has been!


Congratulations Bhupinder! Keep up the good work.