Parent Perspectives: Learning is ‘made fun’

This week it’s time for another parent perspective post. The support and feedback from our parents is invaluable, so we like to showcase you wherever we can. We have caught up with Mrs Upple, whose son Rohan is in Year 5, to find out how she feels about Spark Academy and the fun Rohan is having in our lessons.

Rohan started studying English and Maths at Spark in September of this year. He joined a Year 5 group which was small at first, but is now growing to include a variety of students. All of the students in his class are individuals growing in confidence with the support of our teachers and each other. It’s a pleasure to teach a group that are so willing to help each other in every way they can! As teachers, we strive to create learning environments which are collaborative and friendly, so it is great to see that Rohan experiences this in his class.

20171112 204707 - Spark Academy


Mrs Upple told us that she looked for tuition for Rohan as she felt he


needed support


in his literacy and numeracy. For his teachers, it is clear that the extra support he receives at Spark is developing Rohan’s confidence and his ability. He is growing keen to answer questions in lesson and is often correct when he does.


Why Spark?



It’s often helpful for us to know why our students and parents chose Spark Academy to be their tuition provider, and Mrs Upple’s reasons were similar to those of many of our other parents. She told us that her cousin recommended Spark to her. After Rohan’s trial she felt she didn’t need to look anywhere else. Recommendations like this are just one way that our parents show their support for Spark and we feel very honoured to say that Mrs Upple would recommend us herself. We’re glad that the hard work and effort our teachers put in to every lesson does not go unnoticed!


What does Rohan like most about Spark?




enjoys English as it is made fun


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Our students come to us after a full school day and we understand that they are often tired. That’s why we try to make our lessons fun wherever possible. We find that the more our students enjoy coming to Spark, the more they learn. It’s fantastic to hear that Rohan enjoys learning from us as much as we enjoy teaching him!

Mrs Upple told us that she is very happy with the


good teachers


who work at Spark. As a tuition service, we value our teachers very highly. It’s good to know that the quality teaching provided in both Maths and English is valued by our parents just as highly.

We’d like to offer a big thank you to Mrs Upple for all of her kind words. We also hope Rohan continues to find Spark useful, educational and enjoyable.