Who We Are

Spark Academy is an award winning organisation and trusted tuition provider recommended by Schools, Parents and Pupils. With our team of experienced and passionate full-time teachers, Spark provides the perfect combination of exciting learning methods, exam training and confidence building. Situated in Belgrave and in Oadby, Leicester, Spark Academy serves over 500 pupils weekly and are trusted partners of some prominent Leicester and Leicestershire schools. We firmly believe we are on task to creating a movement that inspires the younger generation into becoming the best they can.

What We Believe In

We believe that every child has the capability of reaching their potential with the right level of guidance, excitement and mentoring. Furthermore, it is essential to provide an overall service which not only addresses academic needs but also holistic development. That is why we offer mentoring support as well as academic tuition in Science, Maths and English. We want our pupils to turn into well-rounded individuals which will grow up to serve our society positively.

What To Expect

Our specialist afterschool classes are uniquely designed to complement school learning. Spark Academy follows the National Curriculum and we continue to maintain high standards of teaching and learning through our positive environment.

Support: As well as being immersed in our engaging lessons, our full-time teachers are here to provide students support on both topics covered in Spark sessions, and areas they are finding difficult at school. We help our students develop confidence in their learning, and in preparation for furthering their school careers.

Positivity & Progress: Having a positive environment where it’s okay to be wrong is essential for the learning process. We praise involvement and create a space where students feel they can ask questions and develop their natural curiosity. We track progress every week and provide structured homework and assessments to help students continue to hone their understanding and skills.

Ambition: We inspire our students to achieve and set small manageable weekly targets which contribute to overall improvement both at Spark and at school.

Realise Potential: Spark nurtures students to be the best they can be and develop a ‘can-do’ attitude to inspire them in all aspects of their life and future.

Key Transferable Skills: Spark provides the tools and platform from which students can make connections between subjects, thoughts and ideas.

Our Vision

With your support and feedback, we can work together to continually develop Spark Academy to become the Leading National Tuition Provider in the next ten years. Your input is incredibly valued and critical which ultimately will benefit and enhance the services we provide for our pupils. We are always happy to listen to your comments and will always take time out to understand your views and act on the feedback provided.

Our Social Conscious

Spark Academy is an organisation with a strong social and moral conscious. We care about people, embrace growth and learning is in our DNA. We are incredibly passionate about our work and always believe in generously giving back to local and wider communities through charitable work. It is our mission to open up schools in countries where child slavery and exploitation is rife and also provide a safe space for these children and their communities to gain access to unlimited opportunities through the power of education. We firmly believe that with your help and support, we will achieve this together.

We are already on our way however! In November 2016, we were able to donate stationary to a school in Kenya for the less abled. Furthermore, the children in Mexico, Riviera Maya loved their hand delivered Christmas presents. The smiles and excitement on the children’s faces was priceless! With your help and support, we can continue this good work together!


Established by ex-science teacher and award winner Mital Thanki in 2009, Spark Academy has come a long way. Whilst juggling her university studies, Mital offered one-to-one tuition to students in Science. This sparked her career in teaching and thereafter gained her PGCE at the University of Nottingham. As she became more widely known in the area and demand grew, the decision was made to rent a study room in the busy high street of Oadby. As momentum continued to build, Mital set up her main site on Melton Road in the Belgrave area. This signalled significant change for Spark Academy; tutors were hired, the intake rapidly grew and subsequently Mital made the leap from teaching in schools to working at Spark full-time.
Mital struggled in her own academic journey and after a series of trials, tribulations and changes to her school, she encountered a teacher that changed her life. Through the support and guidance from this particular teacher, Mital succeeded in her A-levels and went on to pursue her passion in Chemistry and Biology. It was from this moment that Mital realised that she was destined to teach and help those who were similarly struggling through their academic journey.

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