Mital is a visionary leader, innovator, learner and educator. She founded the multi-award-winning Spark Academy back in 2009 whilst she was teaching as a qualified teacher in schools.

As a passionate educator with a strong social conscience, Mital’s firm ethos is about making quality education affordable; so that it provides pathways for social mobility and brighter opportunities in your child’s future.

Mital’s own academic journey came with a fair few challenges, which meant that she went through many struggles and coping mechanisms to keep up to speed with her learning. Diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of 21, Mital came to understand why she processed information differently. This is why she is an advocate of non-conformist learning techniques that will help any child realise their infinite potential.

Mital shares her methodology to learning in her book “Study Like This, Not Like That”, which she has refined over fifteen years, and which earned her the MBA student of the Year in 2021 – an award out of 20,000 students world-wide. Mital not only has a unique teacher’s perspective, but that of a learner too!

Mital is actively looking at ways to improve the learning experience for Spark’s students and she is a big believer in research and development of the programme to suit not only children’s current needs, but also to reduce the future skills gap – ensuring that all children under Spark’s care are future ready with the skills and strategies to lead brighter and joyous lives.

Mital’s experience includes:
• Founder, CEO of Spark Academy
• Qualified teacher of science
• Recipient of global MBA Student of the Year award in 2021
• 15+ Entrepreneurial Awards since 2014
• Advisory Board Member for University of Leicester School of Business
• Author of “Study like This, Not Like That”
• Podcast Host on The Career Crowd
• Speaker

Mital’s Education Experiences Include:

• Chartered Manager
• Qualified Teacher
• BSc in Physiology & Pharmacology

Some Of The School’s We Have Worked With:

Abbey Mead Primary School

Mital is an inspirational person and educator! She is driven by the importance of giving every young person the best possible opportunity to succeed both educationally and in life. Spark Academy worked at, and closely with, Abbey Primary when I was headteacher. Their impact on our pupils was clear and substantial. My own daughter also benefited from their excellent A level science tutoring. Mital contributes massively to securing the best possible outcomes for students across Leicester with quality educational provision and high levels of pastoral care and support. I can highly recommend her as a highly intelligent, well organised and ethically driven person. It has been a privilege and pleasure to work with her. – Tim Foster

Manor High School

“Manor High School and Spark Academy have worked in partnership with great success for 6 years. Many of our own pupils access the service as it is located conveniently as well as many other pupils from neighbouring schools. The commitment and professionalism mean that we are able to put full trust in the tutoring.

There have been many occasions on which we have accessed Spark Academy for our own pupils with either individual pupils or for larger cohorts, based upon need. The tutoring dovetails neatly with our curriculum and this is the case for pupils from a range of schools as all of the staff involved are experienced and fully conversant with examination boards and specifications.

We are happy to recommend Spark Academy as many of our pupils have benefited from the tutoring it provides and there is a high degree of flexibility which enables us to access bespoke arrangements based upon our needs.” – Liam Powell, Head Teacher.

Services Mital & Her Team Can Provide For Schools


Motivational Assemblies

CPC Courses

For Schools

Metacognition Diagnostics

Digital Inclusion
& VLE Solutions


• Revision Strategy Workshops
• Transformative Life Skills Workshops
• SQ5RE Study Workshops

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