Tuition in Leicester: Choosing Spark Academy

Hi, my name is Anjani, I am currently studying Economics (BA) and this is my Spark Academy story.


Where it all started – looking for tuition in Leicester


During my time in college, I studied Economics, Biology, and Chemistry at A level. I joined Spark Academy halfway through my first year at college, and this was because I was struggling with Chemistry and Biology. My initial career goal was to study veterinary medicine and become a vet surgeon – despite not having any pets of my own, I loved them. The requirements to study this course were very narrow; prediction of AAA at A-level and 5 weeks’ work experience in a mix of both clinic and equestrian farms. There was also a formal interview and psychometric tests. Not to mention, only 7 universities carry out this course all of which have strict policies of resubmissions if you get rejected the first time.


I knew I needed assistance


At college the subjects I was learning felt overwhelming with the amount of content I had to understand and learn. I began to search for tutors around my area and decided that Spark Academy would be the one for me. Their focus on Biology and Chemistry helped me decide because these subjects were key for the course I wanted to study at A-levels. I met with Mital and Gemma, who helped me significantly by explaining where I needed to improve and how to improve my science grades. All the little tips and in-depth teaching improved not only my grades but my confidence too.



What happened next


It wasn’t until just before my exams I decided to completely change the course I applied for at university. I changed it to Economics because I was unable to get placement for the Vet Medicine course. I was happy with my decision because I had a passion just as big for economics as I did for animals. The night before results day, I was unable to sleep so I stayed up waiting for my results to be revealed. I was nervous despite receiving an unconditional offer at DMU and having done my best – I was hoping my hard work paid off. I am currently in my second year of study and I do not regret choosing Economics. Not only do I learn about money circulation and markets but accounting, maths, and marketing too!


I encourage my friends and peers to choose Spark Academy when considering tuition in Leicester. One piece of advice I would give A-level students is to do as many past paper exam questions as possible, remembering to check answers against the mark scheme and record what topic areas they need to improve on.

I would recommend Spark Academy for sciences because the tutors are passionate about their teaching subjects.


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How to Figure Out the Right Learning Styles for Kids?

Learning Styles for Kids

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If someone tells you that they know how to train your brain to learn, they are simply lying. Let us explain.

Even though scientific progress has been seen with a better understanding of most parts of our body, our understanding of the human brain, in general, is at quite a preliminary level. To put it into context, scientists are now able to grow a beating, new heart, or even try to put a new head on humans, but mapping out the brain and the meaning of all neuron activity is still a puzzle, for the most part.

So, apart from a few tricks that work at the level of building and storing memory, for instance the mind palace technique, most of the learning shortcuts are simply lies, or, at the least, exaggerations. So, don’t get sold to pop science and waste your time and money.

However, in terms of how matters come out in real, i.e. our styles, the understanding of human learning is a bit more concrete. To put into context, an understanding of our learning styles is far more effective, including, in terms of improving our children’s performance.


Learning Styles for Kids

In more explicit terms, understanding the learning styles for kids gives you a better understanding of the kind of environment required that encourages soaking, understanding, and expression of knowledge and learning.

And, as you can imagine, there is not a single path of figuring out the right environment for your child. At Spark Academy, in order to do so, we follow a simplified path: Finding the sweet spot where the kid is enjoying their learning journey.


The Fun Element in the Learning Journey

You may not realise this but humans are genetically curious. And, you can imagine what happens when this human curiosity is fed the right way: we have fun.

Sadly, when the topic of fun is brought up in education, most parents think of an environment that is overly ‘lenient’; one where the education facilities are simply designed to keep the kid satisfied, with little to no emphasis on real learning.

However, that is not always the case.

The right learning environment for a kid, in itself, is full of fun. However, treating fun in learning as an end result is a fallacy too.

In fact, if you treat learning and knowledge as an end-result, the journey becomes insufferable.

Therefore, it is important to draw a journey map for your child and figure out what wakes up that curiosity in your child. And, this is exactly what we do for your kids at Spark Academy: we place your kids within the right styles of learning.


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