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Over the past five years we have helped over 1000 children in Leicester to achieve their full potential.

With our special teaching programme that follows the national curriculum, our bespoke resources, specialist weekly feedback and full-time friendly teachers, we are able to provide the perfect environment for children to become successful learners who are ready to face the challenges of the real world.

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Welcome to Spark!

Thank you for visiting the Spark Academy website. At Spark Academy, we offer unique, vibrant and affordable tuition from Key Stage 2 all the way up to A-Level. Our overarching mission is to build students’ confidence and independence in tackling challenging topics and preparing them for exam success. We aim to expose our students to as much exam practice as possible so they can achieve their full potential in SATS, GCSEs, A-Levels and beyond.Our lessons combine teaching, independent work, and collaboration tasks which will best prepare them for life outside of school – both at university, and in their future careers.

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Our Dedicated Services

At Spark Academy, we are passionate about delivering outstanding, structured lessons that are proactively planned for the individual needs of your child. To achieve this goal, we only hire full-time teachers who plan their lessons, deliver the curriculum and provide weekly progress reports for:

All the above in Primary, Secondary and A-Level stages

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A bit about us

Spark has come a long way since it was established by former Science teacher and award-winner Mital Thanki in 2009. After starting out as a 1:1 tuition service while Mital taught in an upper school in Leicestershire, Spark now operates out of two dedicated centres in Leicester.

In both the Oadby and Belgrave communities, Spark has rapidly grown and champions an award winning service offering structured, after school group tuition for Science, Maths and English from Key Stage 2 to A-level students.

Our dynamic and vibrant classes are designed and tailored specifically for different types of learners, and we take great pride in trying to bring out the best in our pupils. Our hope is that students at Spark Academy will grow to contribute positively to our society, and serve as good role models for the upcoming generation.

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What should you expect from Spark?

Our specialist after school classes are uniquely designed to complement school learning. Spark Academy follows the National Curriculum and we continue to maintain high standards of teaching and learning through our positive environment.

As well as being immersed in our engaging lessons, our full-time teachers are here to provide students support on both topics covered in Spark sessions, and areas they are finding difficult at school. We help our students develop confidence in their learning, and in preparation for furthering their school careers.
Having a positive environment where it’s okay to be wrong is essential for the learning process. We praise involvement and create a space where students feel they can ask questions and develop their natural curiosity. We track progress every week and provide structured homework and assessments to help students continue to hone their understanding and skills.
We inspire our students to achieve and set small manageable weekly targets which contribute to overall improvement both at Spark and at school.
Spark nurtures students to be the best they can be and develop a ‘can-do’ attitude to inspire them in all aspects of their life and future.
Spark provides the tools and platform from which students can make connections between subjects, thoughts and ideas.

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Our Vision

With your support and feedback, we can work together to continually develop Spark Academy to become the Leading National Tuition Provider in the next ten years. Your input is  incredibly valued and critical which ultimately will benefit and enhance the services we provide for our pupils. We are always happy to listen to your comments and will always take time out to understand your views and act on the feedback provided.

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What People Say

Our students are game-changers and many of our former pupils have gone onto achieving new levels and heights.

“Spark Academy was crucial in helping me successfully meet the demanding entrance requirements of the Engineering Science degree course at the University of Oxford. With personalised weekly tutorials I was able to improve my grade in A Level chemistry dramatically. It went from being my weakest subject to my strongest, taking me from a C in AS Chemistry to achieving a comfortable A grade in the full A level. Spark’s unique teaching methods really helped me to understand the background knowledge rather than just memorising for exams. The study techniques I learnt from Spark were really useful even when revising for university exams, helping me to achieve first class degree and go on to study a PhD. I would highly recommend Spark to build confidence with any subject you are struggling with! Chris Kennel, Chemical Engineering – Oxford University”

Chris Kennel
Oxford University Graduate

I found Spark Academy very useful and enjoyed coming to every lesson!

Anisha PatelStudent

Although I was only taught for several months I believe Spark helped me to accomplish a goal I believed was almost impossible. Their engaging way of teaching a class and their genuine concern and care for their students makes them by far the best professionals in the industry. Attending the sessions at Spark Academy helped me to achieve my A grade in Chemistry to then go on and be able to study medicine at university.

Alisha RuparaliaStudent

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